The Harvard-Belmont District –Historic Seattle Capitol Hill Mansions

The Harvard-Belmont District


The Harvard Belmont Landmark District is located prominently on the West Slope of Capitol Hill has significant historical value and beauty.  Its Seattle mansions are evidence of days gone by and also show how important (and successful) Seattle was in the gold rush.

Here is an excerpt from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods in regards to this historical luxury neighborhood,describing the Harvard-Belmont District as such:

“…within a framework of tree-lined streets,well-maintained grounds,and distinctive natural features. More than half of the buildings within district boundaries date from the first decade of the century. The lively eclecticism and high quality of its houses,mostly constructed between 1905 and 1910,give the district an architectural integrity and visual continuity,while the history of the commercially venturesome and socially prominent families who settled there imparts a sense of Seattle’s most dynamic period of growth. A second surge of building activity in the 1920s brought distinctive apartment groups and important institutional buildings to the southern edge of the district,which nonetheless retained its essentially residential character.”

When looking at the boundary map above,the green denotes the area that is within the boundaries of the City of Seattle Historical Landmark District.  Because of this,you can see that the Harvard Belmont District is broken up into other parts of Capitol Hill.  You can find Harvard Belmont Homes For Sale on my company’s Capitol Hill page and also on our Seattle historical mansions page.  Harvard-Belmont District Mansions and significant properties are on Bellevue PL E,Boylston Ave E,E Prospect St,Summit Ave E,E Aloha St,Harvard E,Belmont Pl E,E Highland Dr,and Lakeview Blvd E.

If you are looking for Capitol Hill or Harvard Belmont District Realtors who specialize in Seattle historical homes and mansions,let me know.  I would be happy to show you what we can do!

Harvard-Belmont District Map courtesy of the City of Seattle

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