Seattle Houseboats Market Update And 2420 Westlake Ave N #7

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The Seattle Houseboats Real Estate Market has certainly had some action recently!

There are only four Seattle houseboats for sale right now in the floating home category that are active on the NWMLS. These range in price from $510,000 for a floating home in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood to $1,750,000 for a Seattle new construction floating […]

Seattle Houseboats Inventory Crunch Spring 2014

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Seattle houseboats are in short supply! I always love Spring because we start to see more Seattle floating homes coming on the real estate market. This has not been the case as of yet,but Molly and I are hopeful that the inventory will increase as the days grow warmer and the sky starts being […]

Lake Union Luxury Record Sale

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Seattle Luxury Floating Homes:Record Sale Price For Lake Union Seattle Houseboats

On 10/30/2012 after 60 days on the market and multiple offers including a back up offer in case the first one failed,Floating Home #1 on the Fairview Landing dock (2369 Fairvew Ave E) closed in escrow and set a new […]

Seattle Floating Homes SOLD In 2012:It’s Lonely Out There!

Seattle Floating Homes Current Market Report:How Will Your Seattle Houseboat Fare In Today’s Real Estate Market If You Put It On Now?


You already know what Seattle houseboats for sale are on the market right now,but let’s look at the Seattle floating homes that have sold this year so […]

Seattle Floating Homes Real Estate Update 2012

Seattle Houseboats for sale in 2012 –Happy New Year! Inventory on Seattle floating homes is low so if you are a seller pay attention to the listings below…

Go ahead and browse all Seattle houseboats for sale:Vessels,barges,and Seattle floating homes for sale right now- You can find all […]

Seattle Floating Homes SOLD –All Sold From 2008 Forward

Seattle Floating Homes Sales By Year:

If you are interested in further data or more detail info,please

2011 seattle floating homes sold (so far as of 12/12/2011)

2010 seattle floating homes sales

2009 seattle floating homes sold

Seattle Floating Homes Inventory Low Right Now So Opportunity For Sellers

Seattle Floating Homes For Sale Inventory is Low –

The number of Seattle houseboats for sale has definitely decreased for the winter and holiday season. This is an opportunity for many Seattle floating homes owners who might want to to step into the Seattle houseboat market while the competition […]

Seattle Houseboat Lending Opens Up!

Just came across my desk this afternoon! Seattle Houseboat lending is wide open again!

From Denise Carlson at Seattle Metropolitan:

We have great news to share…… We are back online with our houseboat lending program. Below is the update we have made to our program guidelines.

Aug. 2011 update:City of Seattle’s […]

Seattle Houseboats and Lake Union

Why Live in a Seattle Houseboat on the Water in Seattle?

One picture to answer it all:

Lake Union is an ever changing mash of life,fun,work,and more. It has long been the working lake of Seattle,and there is a great mix of activity going on –you can always find […]