Queen Anne Seattle Relocation – Basic Overview Of The Queen Anne Neighborhood

Queen Anne Relocation: Looking at moving to Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood?

Let us tell you about one of our favorite Seattle neighborhoods,Queen Anne.  Queen Anne hill has a long historic tradition in Seattle and the estates here are filled with lovely Puget Sound views and beautiful city scapes.  

Queen Anne Seattle Neighborhood Highlights- 

The Queen Anne Neighborhood of Seattle is amazing from all angles – on the North slope there are lovely views of Ballard &Fremont over the canal and the Fremont Sunday Market is practically right there!  To the East is Lake Union with houseboats all along Westlake,the Bigelow Ave portion of Queen Anne Boulevard,Downtown Seattle views,and more.  In the Southeast,the newer QFC is just one of the factors that make this part of the neighborhood score high on WalkScore (my latest Queen Anne contract  in this area has a WalkScore of 94!!!). 

In the shadow of the iconic Space Needle, Lower Queen Anne or Uptown is full of restaurants,pubs,and nightlife and has the Seattle Center at its heart.  West Queen Anne is perched high above Puget Sound and offers sweeping views of the sound,city,Space Needle,Mount Rainier,and pretty much anything else you want to see as it is one of Seattle’s highest hills.  Upper Queen Anne is the true heart of the neighborhood and a stroll or drive along Queen Anne Ave North will show you why.  This is the heart of the upper portion of Queen Anne and where you can find all of the offerings from local clubs,restaurants,and merchants. One of my personal favorites is Queen Anne Books.

Historical Queen Anne Homes and More:

Queen Anne is one of the original Seattle neighborhoods settled and the history of it is quite fascinating!   A stroll around Queen Anne Boulevard is a great place to start.  Old Queen Anne Boulevard is a series of streets that form a loop around the top of Queen Anne – a crown around the top of the hill.  Many people don’t know about the Boulevard,but it has been around in one form or another for about a hundred years thanks to the citizens of Queen Anne at the time who pushed for it.   Queen Anne Boulevard is Queen Anne’s version of the Green Lake path although it is almost a mile longer at roughly 3.7 miles and shares its surfaces with cars.   Look for historical sites on the Boulevard including the Wilcox Wall on the West slope,but also notice that there are some of the city’s best views along the way!

Queen Anne Living:

This neighborhood is so livable!  The streets of Queen Anne are connected by a matrix of pedestrian staircases  (check out Thomas Horton’s map of them here) and sidewalks which lead to the wide array of  neighborhood parks,local grocers and shops,eateries,coffee houses,and more.  Transit is thoroughly incorporated into the infrastructure here with bus routes all over the hill.  If you are looking for a good no car option,than Queen Anne is definitely one of my top recommendations in Seattle,but obviously, with or without a car,it is one of my favorite Seattle neighborhoods!

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